SA President


  • Hours

    M: 2:30-4:30
    10:00-11:00 & 3:00-4:30


    • Chairs all executive sessions, pre-meetings, and business meetings. Recruits and appoints students with the Executive Committee's approval to the Student Court, the Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee, and other college committees.
    • Reviews, negotiates, and signs hundreds of contracts with performers, corporations, and local governments on behalf of all SA-funded organizations.
    • Serves as the primary co-supervisor of Student Association officers, employees, and services. Helps conduct annual employee evaluations.
    • Serves as a member of the Academic Research and Travel Grant Selection Committee, CAS Board of Directors, College Budget Committee, College Council, College Strategic Planning Committee, Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors, New Organization Recognition Committee, and others.
    • Serves on major College and SA search committees as needed.
    • Is a member of various ad-hoc College committees and may chair additional SA committees as needed.
    • Is a delegate to the SUNY Student Assembly and attends approximately two state-wide conferences with delegates from all SUNY schools.
    • Represents SUNY Geneseo at lobbying events in Albany on behalf of students' issues.
    • Coordinates and delegates responsibilities to the other members of the Executive Committee.
    • Organizes Executive Committee retreats twice a year to plan for the upcoming semester.
    • Meets regularly with administrators on behalf of the student body.
    • Remains in Geneseo during the summer to prepare for the following year, coordinate summer business meetings, assist in the yearly audit, sign contracts, supervise staff, and coordinate SA activities during summer Orientation sessions
    • Assumes responsibility over class officers and Class Council Drawing Fund.